Leadership: A Practical Guide is packed with examples of famous leaders who achieved brilliant things against all odds. You’ll discover their ideas, strategies and tried and tested winning solutions, which can be applied to the opportunities and challenges that you face. So whether you’re starting from scratch as a new leader, needing to raise your game, or aiming to do what great leaders do and aim even higher, this practical yet inspirational guide will help you to perform at your very best.

This leadership book will help both aspiring and experienced leaders to best:

How To Be A Leader BookBUILD A WINNING STRATEGY – for achieving your aims

How To Be A Leader BookINSPIRE OTHERS – to perform at their very best

How To Be A Leader BookBRING YOUR TEAM TOGETHER – into a coherent and purposeful whole

How To Be A Leader BookDELIVER RESULTS – even in the toughest situations

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Introduction to this leadership book

Let’s not beat about the bush, leadership can be tough. New leaders are often required to step out of the shadow of a previous leader, perhaps establishing themselves as the person in charge, when previously they were a peer.

If you’re new to an organization, you have to adapt to its culture, then just as you’ve got used to the way things are done, everything changes and you need to be ready to lead yourself and others into unchartered and hostile territory.

Sometimes your work is underpinned by crippling personal doubt: “Can I do this?” and “Is it worth it?” Then, even after you’ve succeeded, when things hit a rough patch, people start questioning whether it’s time for you to leave. From the point where you step up to the point that you bow out, you’re in the spotlight (and the firing line) with people looking to you to keep them motivated and constantly deliver results.

But it’s by no means all doom and gloom. There are many examples of great leaders who achieved brilliant things against all odds, and you’ll find this book packed with their real-life ideas, strategies and tried and tested winning solutions to challenges that you face. So whether you’re starting from scratch as a new leader, an existing leader who needs to raise their game, or just want to aim higher and do what the best leaders do, you’ll be inspired both by what they have achieved and what you have the potential to achieve.

The difference between leadership and management

People often ask how leadership and management differ. One of the best ways to describe this is using Steven Covey’s jungle analogy. The worker on the ground is busy cutting down trees and undergrowth. The manager supports the worker, keeping him on task and on track. The leader, however, is the person who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the area, and works out if they are heading in the right direction. The leader points the way for the others to follow.

Picture yourself at the top of that tree. It is your job to understand the big picture environment – where are the ‘thunderstorms’ that can impact your operations? The leader should also look down and keep in touch with how operations are progressing on the ground. For example, can you see any issues across teams which are consistently hindering operations? Is the delivery of the overall operation progressing at the expected pace and to the right standard? The leader also needs to ask, is this still the right jungle to cut down?

Where leaders spot new luscious jungles to conquer, they need to be confident that their vision for the future is viable and secure the resources needed to plan and execute it. Since they can’t do all the work themselves, they need to inspire other people to believe in their goals, and motivate them to channel their energy towards it, sometimes operating from outside of their comfort zone in challenging situations.

Finally, strong leaders come down from their tree and spend time on the ground, amongst their people. They seek to understand what it’s really like down in the jungle, set an example, recognize effort and achievement, and inspire high performance during good times and bad.

You’ll find all of this – plus more – covered in Leadership: A Practical Guide.

The difference that makes the difference!

When we first began working in the leadership arena we studied many effective leaders, hoping to identify, for each person, the one thing that was critical to their success. However, we quickly discovered that there was never a single factor that made the difference. In contrast, it was the sum of many individual parts that came together to create the whole.

So we then asked the question, “Well, what is the magic combination of factors that drives leadership success?” We were attempting to create a helpful recipe – so that if you put the ingredients together, you could generate a great outcome. However, yet again, we discovered there is no definitive set of factors that make leaders brilliant.

Instead, through our research and our work in developing successful leaders, we have come to realize that leadership is like using an artist’s palette. The colors represent the strengths that support leaders to excel, such as great oratory skills, calmness under pressure and the ability to make effective decisions. But no two leaders will ever paint the exact same picture. No leader uses the same combination of colors as another leader. And, just like art, although some pieces are clearly better loved than others there is rarely unanimous agreement of brilliance. Even the most popular leaders can have their critics.

You can think of this book like an artist’s painting box. We’ve covered the key colors that make leaders effective, for you to explore and practice applying with your brushstrokes. You will use some colors more than others and you may not use some at all. You can experiment by consciously applying these leadership skill ‘colors’, as you to attempt to create your own masterpiece.

You will notice that we refer to the same leaders multiple times throughout the book. Since there was never one thing that made a leader brilliant, it’s useful to look at the multiple aspects that helped them to succeed. Imagine that we are painting a picture, and each time we refer to a leader again, we are adding a new color to the canvas, creating a richer picture overall.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing how readers of Leadership: A Practical Guide are benefiting and becoming even better leaders. We invite you to submit your success stories, whether large or small, so that we can hear how our readers are improving their leadership skills.

We hope you enjoy reading our book and we wish you the very best for your leadership journey.

Your success stories

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing how readers of the leadership book are benefiting and becoming even better leaders. We invite you to submit your success stories, whether large or small, so that we can hear how our readers are improving their leadership skills. You can reach us through the Contact The Authors page.

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The authors

Alison Price is a Chartered Psychologist and Occupational Psychologist in London who has worked with over 1,500 individuals, inspiring them to make more out of their lives and their careers. She was a semi-finalist in ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’. Alison works with employees and leaders of prestigious organizations, supporting the achievement of peak performance at work and is a specialist in training design for leadership skills development and management skills development. She also lectures on a master’s-level course in Business Psychology at a London university. Alison combines her experience as a motivational keynote speaker, facilitator and Peak Performance Coach with her expertise as a psychologist, to create powerful and lasting results. Alison is also a TV psychologist and provides advice to media and TV production companies on the application of psychology within their programmes.

Alison is qualified in a range of personality tests, including Hogan MVPIHogan Development SurveyHogan Personality Inventory16PF and MBTI, to help individuals, managers and their teams make breakthroughs in their development. Alison is also authorised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to offer a Level A and B psychometric testing training course for people who want to qualify in delivering psychometrics.

David Price has led award-winning teams, has qualifications in management and coaching, and is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute. He has spent over 10 years studying personal effectiveness, models of personal achievement and success. David combines qualifications in Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Positive Psychology, Peak Performance Coaching and as an NLP Practitioner for integrated effectiveness solutions. David has applied this knowledge in the commercial industry by mentoring and coaching employees within some of the leading financial services firms.